The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Use and Massage Therapy

Written by: Julieta Hernandez Date of published: . Posted in Articles, Infrared Sauna, Massage Therapy

infrared sauna and utah massage therapy

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use a special type of light to create a heated environment that enables the elimination of toxins, enhanced pain relief, continued relaxation after a massage, and many other types of health benefits. Like traditional saunas, an infrared sauna uses heat to effect positive changes in your body. The primary difference between an infrared sauna and traditional sauna is that an infrared sauna works to gently heat only your body, while a traditional sauna heats the entire space, which can lead to experiencing uncomfortably high temperatures. Learn how time spent in an infrared sauna can positively impact your own health.

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