Massage for Stiff Muscles and Joints During the Winter

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Massage in the Winter

Relieve Cold Weather Aches and Pains with Massage

During the cold, wet winter months many of us often have trouble being active due to increased muscle aches and joint pains. Fortunately, massage for winter aches and stiff muscles is a proven, effective way to eliminate pain and enjoy outdoor winter fun without feeling like a Scrooge. Beyond improving flexibility and circulation, massage therapy is also an effective treatment for chronic conditions, diseases and seasonal depression like the ‘winter blues’.

When we are cold we tend to hunch our shoulders and tense muscles making us less mobile and increasing muscle and joint pain during movement. Targeted massage therapy by a professional massage therapist can reduce winter joint pain by improving circulation, relaxing the muscles, and sufficient joint lubrication. Massage provides improved blood flow with increased oxygen to muscles and soft tissue areas for relief during chilly weather seasons.  

For relief from winter aches and stiff muscles aggravated by frigid temperatures, contact Matrix Massage & Spa in Salt Lake City today or give us a call at 801-505-9340 to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy to fight the cold and beat the wintertime blues.

Conditions and Diseases Associated with Cold Weather Pain

Many individuals who suffer from cold weather pain often suffer from the types of conditions and diseases that cause chronic muscle pain and joint stiffness. Weather associated with increased pain include a drop in the temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation, humidity, thunderstorms and increased ionization in the air. The diseases and chronic conditions most affect with cold weather pain include:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Scar Pain
  • Phantom Limb Pain
  • Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

Massage Therapies for Cold Temperature Aches and Winter Blues

Experienced massage therapists understand the remarkable benefits of massage to encourage the release of endorphins. As your body’s own natural pain medication, endorphins interact with receptors that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins will also trigger a positive feeling to help reduce the stresses that come with the holiday season. Here is a list of the most beneficial massage therapies for cold temperature aches and winter blues:

  • Swedish Massage The methodical gentle circular movements, kneading and long, smooth strokes of a traditional Swedish massage are extremely relaxing. Combined with an expert selection of beneficial essential oils, this massage therapy is the perfect treatment to relieve built-up stress and tension in your muscles.
  • Hot Stone MassageHot Stone massage provides a serene experience with comforting warmth of heated stones placed on certain points of your body. The heat and weight of the hot stones induce balance and promote an overall sense of relaxation, wellness and mental clarity.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – A Deep Tissue massage reduces pain by loosening muscles that have been bunched up as a defense against the cold. Muscle pain due to cold weather can lead to tension-induced spasms and injury. During a deep tissue massage, your therapist will focus on knotted muscles and tissues to provide relief with decreased stress and increases blood flow.

Matrix Spa & Massage for Cold Weather Relief in Salt Lake City, Utah

The trained massage therapists at Matrix Massage & Spa know that you feel happier and more relaxed in warm, sunny weather – that’s why we are here to provide calming, pain relief during the long, cold winter months. On-going winter massage therapy will give you continual relief, so you can be healthy, active and happy in Utah’s famous winter wonderland. Click here to take advantage of our money-saving seasonal coupons and spa packages. Give us a call at 801-799-4999 to schedule a massage. View a full list of our services here

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