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Knowledge working in combination with a powerful healing touch

Sports Massage

I have known Julieta for well over 2 years now. During that time, I have been a patient for treatment of a chronic knee injury. Since working with her I have finished eight road and trail running races, most of them greater than 26 miles, including the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run.

During that time, I have been fortunate to learn of Julieta’s personality and character. She is professional, reliable and pleasant. Her level of competence is unsurpassed in the valley. She has been voted best deep-tissue massage therapist by City Weekly and currently contracts for the Real Salt Lake soccer team.

In summary, I give Julieta Hernandez my highest praise and support. She is a highly skilled practitioner, kind-hearted person who would be a reliable contractor for the services requested.

Kevin J Bruen M.D.
Chief Resident in General Surgery
University of Utah


Their massages have allowed me to manage my pain and work and play pain free. I am a client for life

Back Pain Massage

I have had the privilege of traveling around the world and staying in some of the finest hotels and spas. I have also suffered from chronic back pain for most of my life. As I traveled I have always looked for ways to relieve my back pain by visiting many hotels spas and masseuse.

I received a certificate as a birthday gift for a massage by Julieta Hernandez. I can now honestly say that I don’t have to waste my time looking anywhere else in the world for the world’s best massage, its right here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Julieta and her staff are professional and more importantly, they listen to their clients and focus in providing a comfortable atmosphere and amazing work. Their massages have allowed me to manage my pain and work and play pain free. I am a client for life.

John G. Kimball
GM of Business Operations
Real Salt Lake


Powerful healing touch

Deep Tissue Massage

My name is John Williams, and I have been a client of Julieta’s since 1998

When I was first introduced to Julieta, my main concern was whether or not she could do “deep-tissue” massage and whether or not she knew what she was doing.  I am happy to say “yes” to both accounts!  Julieta’s work is a complete package – knowledge working in combination with a powerful healing touch. When Julieta works on me, it is truly a gift – one which puts me together in mind, body and spirit.

I truly believe that Julieta and the Matrix Massage Team will be a great complement and benefit…

John Williams


It’s amazing what relaxation as a couple can do for a partnership

Couples Massage

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at Matrix for a couple’s massage with my husband. I was even a little nervous about what it would be like… I didn’t want it to feel uncomfortable or awkward to participate in a massage together. When we entered, my concerns were immediately put to rest. I found the place beautifully and tastefully decorated; from the lobby to the massage room to the bathroom to the steam room to the office, it was absolutely beautiful!

Surrounded by gorgeous tapestries and live plants, earthy colors and natural fabrics, Oriental paintings and aromatherapy, I was transported to a true spa get-away with my sweetheart. We changed into white robes and had some time to sit together while enjoying fresh sliced oranges. Next was a soothing session in the steam room with essential oils. We then went to the massage room together where we experienced what I can only call intense relaxation.

The most rewarding part for me was the opportunity to see my husband so thoroughly relaxed. Every time I opened my eyes, I looked at him lying on the table next to me, a smile on his face and a feeling of peace washing over him. Neither of us were thinking of our ‘to do’ lists… we were just husband and wife enjoying the moment.

After our massages were over, we took some time to simply enjoy how good we felt. It is amazing what true relaxation as a couple can do for a partnership. We were renewed, refreshed, and invigorated. I never realized how important it is to take time like this as a couple. It was just the pick-me-up we needed after many stressful weeks of moving, working, studying, and ‘getting things done’.

Thank you, Matrix Massage, for a unique and totally classy experience.

Alicia Bonilla

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