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“Imagine a world where we exfoliate your body with chocolate cacao coffee scrub”

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The Gift of Massage

There are few things that say you care about someone’s well-being as much as the gift of a massage. What could be as personal and loving? A massage offers stress relief, pain management, and total relaxation, just to name a few of its wonderful benefits. Well-executed, regular massages are known to have a long-lasting positive effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Consider getting your loved one a gift certificate to Matrix Spa and & Massage because indeed, the gift of massage may truly be the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.

Endless Massage Gift Certificate Options

One of the best things about the gift of massage (besides the obvious!) is that it is a perfect selection for any loved on on any occasion. From Valentine’s Day and Birthdays to Mother’s Day, weddings and graduations, the gift of massage are sure to put a smile on the face of any lucky recipient.

Not sure what type of massage to get? Simply sign them up for a gift certificate! Let your loved one know that they have a host of massage service options to choose from, such as:

For a list of more Matrix Massage & Spa treatments, visit our services page and coupons and package offerings page.

How do I Present My Gift Certificate?

Now that you’ve selected the perfect gift, the fun begins! You get to experience the excitement of seeing how much your loved one will enjoy receiving such a thoughtful gift. There a couple of ways to deliver your gift card. You can either purchase it online and then email it to your loved one or you can come to our Matrix Spa & Massage located in Salt Lake City to purchase a physical gift card that you can wrap up in a beautiful, customized bow!

Let Matrix Spa & Massage Help You Give the Perfect Gift

Don’t doubt for a moment that a Massage is the perfect, magical gift for your loved ones. They will be blown away by the professional care and service that they receive at our spa. They will experience invigorating bodywork and enjoy a calm, relaxing atmosphere that will renew their energy and leave them in the glow of a wonderful sense of well-being. And that’s all thanks to you!

Are you ready to exceed your gift-giving expectations and thrill your loved one with the perfect, unique gift of wellness?

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