Massage for Mental Health Wellness

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Stress-relieving Massage

The pampering and stress-relieving aspects of massage therapy are well known. However, not as well know are the incredible benefits of massage therapy as an effective treatment for a variety of mental health conditions. The power of touch and the feeling of being cared for, during a message with a professional massage therapist, offers a mind-body connection that positively affects your body’s biochemistry.

Incorporating massage for mental health wellness is a safe and highly effective way to reduce stress-causing cortisol and adrenaline. Individuals who suffer from psychological issues like depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress or ADHD can use massage therapy to complement traditional medical treatment.

A regularly-scheduled massage or participation in a massage therapy program will provide mental healing by instantly improving your mood and your overall wellness with increased serotonin and dopamine levels. Call Matrix Massage & Spa in Salt Lake City, Utah at 801-505-9340 to learn more about how you can achieve your optimal mental health wellness through healing massage therapies.

Mental Wellness with Targeted Massage Therapy

Mental health conditions affect our emotional and psychological wellbeing and influence how we relate to others, how we relate to stressful situations and the decisions we make on a daily basis. Many different events including stress, trauma and problems sleeping can seriously affect your mental state leaving you unable to cope with the stresses of daily life.

According to a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine, massage therapy lowered stress-causing cortisol level by up to 53%. A targeted massage therapy and aromatherapy plan will help improve your ability to deal with stressful situations and maintain good mental health. Consult with an experienced massage therapist to talk about the most effective therapy for your individual needs. Here is a list of the most targeted massage therapies used to promote mental healing:

Hot Stone Massage

The comforting warmth of a Hot Stone massage is a serene experience that uses smooth, heated stones placed on certain points of your body. The soothing pressure of the stones helps to balance the body’s energy centers and loosen tight or sore muscles to provide mental wellness and clarity.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Your massage therapist will choose the most beneficial essential oils to gently apply a combination of kneading, long smooth strokes, and circular movements. Swedish massage therapy is extremely relaxing and the perfect treatment to relieve built-up stress.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage will align your body’s energies by focusing on specific pressure points. With the inclusion of stretches and compressions, a Thai massage will relax a busy mind by taking you through a sequence of postures. This incredible form of massage therapy not only reduces stress but will energize you with improved flexibility, the range of motion and overall mental wellbeing.

Matrix Spa & Massage for Mental Health Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah

Achieve total mind and body wellness through the power of massage. Matrix Massage & Spa in Utah provides effective massage treatment, evolved through years of experience, to reduce adrenaline and stress-causing cortisol levels. Give us a call at 801-505-9340 to learn more about our targeting massage methods have proven to increase serotonin and dopamine and reduce anxiety and depression. Click here for a list of our spa packages and money-saving massage coupons.

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