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Caring Hands

Where Does Our Passion for Giving Back Come From?  

The passion for giving back all started when the owner was a struggling student living at the YWCA and attending Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1998. Julieta became involved in the Y’s program to assist young women in transition and gave massages for donations to support herself while going to school. Two women who received massages from Julieta  during those early days prior to graduation remain her clients today! In this era of shifting business loyalties, these relationships are a testament to exceptionalism in cultivating enduring professional relationships.

In 2001, Julieta launched Matrix Spa & Massage, with a mission to create a place of healing, for herself and others. And, she has been healing ever since—for more than 20 years.

A major crisis hit the business in 2007, which threatened to close its doors forever. Instead of giving up, Julieta reached out for help. The Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce responded with assistance in many areas, including a scholarship to return to school and learn how to create and execute a viable business plan. Receiving this help has so adversely impacted her operation’s potential for long-term success.

In 2013, the UHCC recommended Julieta for Goldman Sachs “10,000 Small Business” program. Through that opportunity, and now having a formal Growth Plan, Julieta had become a fully-equipped business executive! Her way of doing business was transformed, and Matrix Spa & Massage has continued year after year to develop into the thriving business it is today. And, Julieta, being the kind of individual that so many along the way recognized as someone worthy of their best help, has certainly proven their great confidence in her to be well-founded. She has become one of her community’s great altruists, consistently contributing over the years to numerous important causes, and always with the highest degree of generosity.

Matrix Spa & Massage Supports Several Charitable Organizations:

Boys and Girls Club

Through providing programs allowing children to participate in sports, the organization is also furnishing role models who can help kids develop good citizenship skills.

Breast Cancer Awareness, Fitness on 7th

This program promotes breast cancer awareness, and provides information resources to women who want to increase their knowledge about their risks.

Breast Cancer Awareness, VASA Fitness

VASA Fitness is committed to promoting breast cancer awareness throughout the region and to educating women about the disease and their risks.

Children’s Synergistic Learning Collaborative

This organization has developed a much needed alternative learning environment for children in their community to broaden their capabilities.

Christi Anderson Rack Pack Foundation

The group creates and donates lovely bags filled with supplies for breast cancer patients, to help them be more comfortable and remind them that others care.

La Tierra Nuestra Casa, Cancun, Mexico

 Working to protect our area’s natural resources, this organization sponsors events and other activities to promote defense of earth’s critical resources.

Oakridge School

An exemplary school, Oakridge provides a safe environment with a challenging, yet flexible curriculum to teach children the value of excellence, and promote their success throughout life.

Salt Lake Domestic Violence Coalition

Helping individuals escape from domestic violence, the coalition supports victims’ struggle to regain control of their lives and get established in new, violence-free lives.

The Sharing Place

Providing grief counseling, special recreational events, and other support to children, the organization helps children cope and grow to become well-functioning adults.

Utah AIDS Foundation

The foundation helps individuals get HIV testing, so they can protect themselves and others. And, the organization fights for increased research to find a cure for AIDS.

Help Support the Community with Matrix Spa & Massage

Julieta’s success story is certainly a circuitous one, about a strong individual who has persevered through a great deal of adversity in her own life, to ultimately make her way to a sustained sense of gratitude and just loving to help others. It’s an uplifting opportunity just to acknowledge this remarkable person.

Feel free to contact Matrix Spa & Massage for an appointment, and discover the benefits of all the services we offer including our relaxing swedish massage, soothing facials, exfoliating salt scrubs, and even a foot detox from one of our spa professionals. And, you’ll feel good to know you’re helping important charitable causes through part of the proceeds of receiving your service. It’s a sure way to experience some of the same good feeling Julieta experiences—from making a difference by helping others.

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Julieta Hernandez

Julieta is the owner of Matrix Spa & Massage in Salt Lake City, UT. She and her staff pride themselves on providing the best massages in a truly comfortable and relaxed environment.

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