How Massage Can Help Keep Skin Looking Nice

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Who doesn’t love a good massage? The soothing music playing in the background, the scent of essential oils wafting in the air, the relaxing work being done on your body. It’s the perfect escape from our busy and hectic lives, something that we all need these days. Massage can help relax your muscles, ease your mind, and rejuvenate your body. However, another benefit of massage that isn’t always highlighted is its effect on the skin.

Here Are Four Ways Massage Can Help Keep Your Skin Looking Nice.

1. Stimulates Circulation

The act of massage, of kneading muscle and moving joints, gets your blood flowing and increases circulation. So, why is this good for your skin? Well, increased circulation means that more nourishment is getting to your skin. In turn, it also means that impurities are being carried away from your skin. This results in healthier skin.

2. Stimulates Sebum Production

Sebum is the oily, waxy substance that lubricates our hair and skin, especially on the face and scalp. A good massage can help stimulate the glands that produce sebum. This can increase moisture to your skin and also help things like antioxidants and vitamin E come to the surface of your skin and do their jobs to help your skin feel healthy.

3. Relaxes the Nerves and Muscles

A good facial massage can do wonders for the skin, partially because it can go a long way toward relaxing your nerves and muscles. It’s no secret that calming those nerves and muscles that run along your face can help you look better. Hyperactive nerves can result in annoying tics and relaxing those nerves through massage can calm the tics. Massage also sends a signal through your nerves to your muscles that it’s okay to calm down. This is usually reflected in healthier skin that isn’t distorted by tension.

4. Releases Toxins

If you’ve ever had a massage, your massage therapist probably handed you a glass of water at the end of your session and encouraged you to drink lots of water. This is because massage physically breaks down toxic substances in your body. Those toxins then enter your blood stream and get carried to the liver and kidneys where they are prepared for excretion. Drinking lots of water ensures that you will get those substances out of your body. Flushing out these toxins can do wonders for your skin and leave it looking more balanced and healthy.

If you’re considering setting up an appointment for a massage, don’t hesitate. Not only can a great massage relax your muscles and bring some peace to your busy mind, but it can also do a lot to help your skin look its best. The condition of our skin can do a lot to age us, or to help us look younger. Refreshed, balanced, relaxed skin is just one of the many perks of massage.

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