How On-Site Chair Massage Can Boost Employee Morale & Productivity

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Salt lake city on site chair massage at the wworkplace

You’ve been looking for a few ways to improve employee morale in your workplace, have you heard about corporate massage chairs? How about corporate massage chair programs?

What are the benefits of corporate chair massage?

Chair massage programs can bring about a multitude of benefits to your employees and your company as a whole. 95 percent of employees enjoy getting massages. Studies have indicated that employees who receive massages tend to enjoy higher rates of productivity than those who simply rest on breaks instead of receiving a massage. One such study had half of the participants take a 15-minute rest, while the other half received a 15-minute massage. Those who received the massage produced higher rates of creative thinking, and they testified to feeling less fatigued than the other participants.

Furthermore, it should be noted that chair massage are known to reduce stress, and as a result, this tends to lead to lower levels of employee absenteeism. With 50 percent of missed work days being attributed to stress-related circumstances, it’s easy to understand how massages can reduce the number of days your employees don’t come to work.

Salt LAke City On site Chair MassageImproving Employee Health with Chair Massage

In addition to reducing stress, when your workers receive massages, they will likely enjoy lower levels of blood pressure. This can go a long way in relieving joint pain, decreasing muscle aches, and some studies have even indicated massages can improve a person’s immune system, making them more resistant to colds and the flu.

On-Site Chair Massage Is Not as Expensive as You Think

When you first think of giving your employees professional massages, it may seem like a costly expense to pick up; however, what you don’t realize is that the massages can cost well under $13 per employee. This is extremely cost-efficient when comparing the money invested to the money that can be saved by reducing employee absenteeism. Your workers are also likely to exhibit higher levels of productivity, which can significantly increase your overall profit levels.

On-Site Chair Massage Takeaway

From an increase in sales revenue to reduced stress, the benefits of implementing a corporate chair massage program cannot be denied. And best of all, any money invested into these programs tends to be tax deductible, making it all the more advantageous for you to treat your workers to massages on a regular basis.

Salt Lake City On-Site Chair Massage

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