Every CrossFit Training Program Needs Massage

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What the Heck is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness philosophy that believes in building bodies that are prepared for anything. The program was developed by Greg Glassman after he took a broad view of health, wellness, sport and all physical tasks. It involves a constantly varied regimen of high intensity functional movements. It incorporates activities from Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, gymnastics, interval training, sports, calisthenics and other sources. CrossFit athletes are never bored and love every sweaty, gasping minute of it.

Why Sports Massage is Good for CrossFit Athletes

When you exercise tough, lactic acid and other toxins build up inside your muscles. Time and rest will help your body clear itself of the acid and toxins, but massage will speed that process. Proper manipulation of your muscles will increase flexibility, accelerate recovery and move you toward your fitness goals more swiftly. Massage can be performed alone with a foam roller or a ball. It can also be done by a licensed professional. Many massage therapists specialize in CrossFit athletes and are connected to CrossFit gyms. They are easy to find and know what you’re going through.

Not only will a massage feel good, but it will also prevent injury. When your muscles are excessively tight from your last workout, you lack your full range of motion. Your muscles aren’t firing right. You’ll be unable to perform properly. CrossFit requires correct form. Bad form leads to muscle strains, pulls and unbalanced physiques. When one part of your body is not working right, other parts work harder to assist, leading to additional injury.

Do the right thing. Help your body recover and enter your next Workout of the Day prepared to hit it hard.

Best Times for a Massage

When will a massage best benefit your body?

  • At least 45 minutes after completing a workout
  • On your rest day or during a de-load week
  • About three days before a competition or a race
  • Today, because you deserve it

Do It Yourself CrossFit Massage

Foam rollers, tennis balls and more expensive items are popular tools, but lacrosse balls are one of the cheapest and most effective pieces for targeting muscle tension. A set costs about ten bucks. You may have to hunt around online for them. One will easily fit in your gym bag. You can keep one in the office and another by your couch. They are a bit more firm than a tennis ball but about the same size. Foam rollers are good for broad areas like your back and hamstrings, but lacrosse balls target muscles more precisely.

Experiment with the lacrosse ball. Roll it around until you find the center of your pain, then relax. Let your body weight sink into the ball. Hit your legs, shoulders, back, neck, feet and any other part that is bothering you.

Spend some time on this. Next time you head to the gym, you’ll be happy you did.

CrossFit Massage Therapist Salt Lake City, Utah

Talking to a trained massage therapist is as important as listening to a certified CrossFit trainer. You’re your Utah crossfit massage therapist how you feel in the morning, after a workout and when you move around all day. They can diagnose emerging problems, prevent injury and improve your athletic performance. Nothing gets into the tissue like the fingers of a knowledgeable professional. Crossfit massage therapist understand how the parts of the body link together and how to restore their natural balance.

Matrix Spa and Massage can provide a sports massage therapists who specializes in helping CrossFit athletes. Our Utah therapists know what you’re going through and many are doing it, too. Set aside part of your fitness budget for massage. You spend money on a gym membership, exercise equipment and competitions. Don’t neglect the importance of recovery. Reserve time to knead your muscles. Make massage therapy part of your fitness schedule.

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