Everyone Deserves a Massage Week (July 16-22)

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‘Everybody deserves a massage week’ is a tradition that has been there for the last 22 years, this year’s week of giving to the community will be from July 16th-22nd this month. Guess what your favorite spa Matrix Spa & Massage in Salt Lake City will be doing during the weeklong event? As an attractive massage spa in Utah, we believe that everyone should get a massage and that is why this year we are glad to be giving out our services to the less fortunate.

If you’re not sure whether you need a massage, here are 7 reasons why you should reconsider:

1. Getting a Massage Releases all the Tension from Day to Day Stress

Being stuck in the office all day can be tough, but with a massage, it is possible to correct the imbalance from bad posture and restore your body. Getting a massage will help relax your body muscles and hence neutralize all the built up tension in your body. Therefore you need to treat yourself once in awhile with a great massage to restore your body to its optimum state.

2. Massage Can Help Ease Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is not only disturbing but also excruciating; it usually occurs when pressure is exerted to the muscles, resulting in pain in the muscle areas in the body. But the good news is that with a great massage that will be a thing of the past; it instantly improves blood circulation and eases your pain.

3. It Soothes Anxiety and Depression

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes we can’t help but get stressed up. Getting a good massage is an excellent stress reliever hence another reason you should book your space now. Research indicates that people who get regular massages have fewer stress levels as compared to those who have never had a massage.

4. Massage Promotes Good Sleep

Did you know that if you get a massage, you will be able to sleep well? Well, this is one great benefit of massage. If you are among those people who have restless nights to enjoy a great night of restful sleep, you should consider getting a massage soon. It also helps patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy sleep well.
Infants also benefit from massage as it makes them more relaxed and hence boosts their sleeping patterns.

5. It’s Good for Your Skin and Body

The benefits of massage are good for your body because it reduces tension in the muscles, increases blood circulation, and improves joint mobility. A great massage goes a long way in the healing of soft tissue injuries, and even improve one’s skin tone significantly.

6. Massage is a Great Boost for the Mind!

The phrase everything starts in the mind is also true with massage; a clear mind is a useful tool. Getting a massage relaxes your mind hence giving you a sense of calmness, a feel good attitude due to the hormones released during the massage. It helps to lower anxiety levels and enable you to think clearly and make sound decisions even in stressful situations; massage is the best therapy to program your mind adequately.

7. Finally, You Deserve It

After a tough week or month, you surely deserve to treat yourself to a great massage and indulge yourself in the good feeling that comes with it. Giving yourself an opportunity to feel good improves your health and mind, and hence improves your productivity both at work and home.

Join Matrix Spa and Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah for ‘Everyone Deserves a Massage Week’(July 16 – 22)

Feel free to come and experience our massage services at Matrix Spa & Massage located in Utah and experience the best massage in Salt Lake City! We have several coupons and packages designed just for you to make getting a massage easy! Visit Matrix Spa & Massage this week and feel the difference in massage. Give us a call at 801-799-4999 today!

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