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Thai Massage at Matrix Massage and Spa

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to receive the benefits of trigger point, neuromuscular therapy, stretching, and energy work all at once? This is exactly what Thai massage can offer. The exciting thing about Thai massage is how unique the practice is. Thai massage is a deep, full-body treatment. Without the use of oils or creams, certified therapists perform the massage using their feet, knees and body weight – all while the client is fully clothed. Your therapist will start at the feet, and progress up to the head. Instead of a massage table, the therapist uses a padded mat on the floor to perform your massage. These unique characteristics of Thai massage definitely offer many benefits to clients. We will look at a few of them below.

Physical Benefits of Thai Massage

One of the best things about Thai massage is that it detoxifies the body, by focusing on stimulating the lymphatic system. Gentle massage of this area encourages the body to rid itself of waste, which can make it healthier.

For those who are already healthy, here are a few things you will enjoy when you choose Thai massage:

  • Helps protect against certain degenerative diseases
  • Improves circulation and blood flow
  • Helps you relax and makes your muscles feel great
  • Increases muscles range of motion
  • Creates the ability for better posture

These benefits are all created by manipulating the muscles, joints, and body during the massage. In the end, these same benefits will also affect a person’s mental state.

Mental Benefits of Thai Massage

Matrix Massage Spa - The Massage Place has the Best Thai Massage Certified TherapistAlong with the physical benefits, it is common for people to choose Thai massage because of the many mental benefits that it has to offer. The relaxing experience can help you have a better attitude, which will help you experience life to the fullest. This relaxation actually affects the mind significantly. People who have had Thai massage in the past, have reported better mental clarity, concentration and a clear mind, than what they had before they began having this type of treatment.

Psychological Benefits of Thai Massage

Finally, there are also psychological benefits to consider when it comes to Thai massage. The first thing that people tend to notice is that it releases stress. For people who are overly stressed or plagued by anxiety, this is a huge benefit.

With less stress, an increase in the amount of energy that you have is certain to follow. When you have this in place, you are then able to improve your health and vitality. While improving your health, you will also begin to notice that your self-confidence, control and internal power have also increased since your first Thai massage.

Thai Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah

With the many benefits of Thai massage, it is no wonder that many people are beginning to look for ways to enjoy it in the Salt Lake City area. If you are in this situation, be sure to contact Matrix Massage Spa to book your Thai massage experience.

You can even give the gift of Thai massage to someone else with a massage gift certificate.

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