Understanding the Differences Between Sports Massages and Swedish Massages

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When it comes to getting a massage, there are a number of different options available depending upon the person’s lifestyle and preferences. Two of the more popular options are sports massages and Swedish massages. Each massage uses different techniques to help people relax and physically recover. Understanding what makes each option unique and the circumstances that might make one preferable over another can help people make the choice that is right for them.

How are the massages performed?

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage will use five main strokes: kneading, rolling, percussion, tapping and vibrating. These techniques will all flow towards the heart to stimulate circulation while also working to cleanse the muscles of toxins.

Sports Massage

The sports massage is typically used for people who enjoy keeping themselves physically fit and participating in athletics. This massage type will also involve kneading and rolling the tissues, but tends to use more pressure, which is intended to reduce muscle soreness. The massage can also be geared towards particular parts of the body, depending upon the activities the person participates in.

When should each type of massage be used?

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is often perfect for relieving tension and stress. It also helps to improve circulation and reduce pain and stiffness in the joints. This massage will be used to keep ligaments and tendons relaxed and soothing the nerves. It increases oxygen to the heart without having to increase the heart load. People tend to leave the massage chair feeling reinvigorated and relaxed at the same time. It is perfect for people who find themselves feeling stressed after sitting at a desk all day and feel tensions in their backs and neck and is often recommended as a part of many stress management programs.

Sports Massage

Sports massages are often used to prepare the body for athletic performance as well as to help the body to recover. The massage helps the body to rid itself of fatigue, relieve any swelling that might occur, reduce muscle tension, and improve flexibility. These traits work together to help the body avoid injuries. Athletes will use the massage to help them perform their absolute best while also reducing or avoiding injuries that could hinder their athletic achievements. Sports massages reduce heart rate and blood pressure while also improving blood circulation and relieving pain. Following athletic performances, these massages will reduce recovery time as well.

Those who suffer from sports related injuries, such as tendonitis or sprains, may also find the sports massage to be the perfect way to help them heal. The massage provides comfort while also helping the body to recover faster.

Salt Lake City Sports Massage and Swedish Massage

Massages can be used by people to improve their health and their overall wellbeing. There are a number of different types of massages depending upon the person’s health needs and lifestyle. Both sports massages and Swedish massages can help the body to relax and rejuvenate, but they are used in slightly different scenarios. Matrix Spa & Massage therapists can determine which massage would work best for your particular situation to get the most from a massage, call us today at 801-799-4999 to book your appointment.


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