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Many people across the world lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle which implies that they do exercises and engage in some form of physical activity regularly. This has led to many people being active and in constant need of good nourishment, both in nutrition as well as relieving stress. To relieve stress, massage for men is important. You, however, need to understand that a massage is more than just a one-time indulgence, but a mood and health treatment option.

We, at Matrix Spa and Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah understand this. That is why we have a team of professional massage therapists to give you a soothing and relaxing touch. For men, we have just the right package – the Men’s Deluxe Package – to give you the best stress-relieving experience.

Here is What We Offer in the Men’s Massage Deluxe Package:

60 Minute Massage

You will get to have a feel of 60 minutes of soothing music as well as a treat of Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage.

The Swedish massage focuses on the light to medium pressure touches that will soothe both your body and mind. This technique is very helpful when it comes to promoting removal of toxins built-up in muscles after an exercise.

Deep Tissue Massage aims at releasing the chronic muscle tension by using slow, more direct, and deeper touch than in the Swedish massage. This kind of massage can locate ingrained areas full of discomfort and slowly works to open them up using slow yet forceful strokes. This massage technique targets deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue, so it is a crucial massage for men with muscle damage.

Salt Body Scrub

Salt body scrub massages aim at getting rid of dead skin cells which, if left unattended to, will become hard. Without the exfoliating salt body scrub massage, the dead cells in the skin will become crusty and stiff. The exfoliation aspect of the massage removes the flaky, dry, dead skin and exposes supple, soft skin.

Additionally, the salt body scrub leaves the pores unclogged and with no dirt which will, otherwise, lead to bacterial build-up on the site. Salt is antibacterial; therefore, this property ensures that it leaves the skin with no bacteria and prevents itchiness.

Private Steam Room

Whether you want to feel rejuvenated or stress-free, a treat to a private steam room after a great massage is an option you wouldn’t want to miss. The steam rooms are responsible for opening up the airways and alleviating any form of congestion, therefore, improving your breathing. The wet heat in your surrounding opens up the mucous membranes all over the body, which helps in relieving stress. This seems to be highly beneficial for those with bronchitis and asthma.

We cannot ignore the impact of steam room on metabolism. We understand that steam rooms play a great role in boosting metabolism and encouraging weight loss. The sweat is also important when cleansing and removing toxins from the body.


Aromatherapy massage utilizes essential oils in its efforts to ensure you get therapeutic benefits. Additionally, the massage is customized in such a way to meet your individual needs. Here, the aim is usually to give relaxing strokes, but the significance of the essential oil with the therapeutic property needed by the patient cannot be downplayed.

The massage therapist should be able to differentiate the various essential oils, and he or she needs to understand how each of these oils affects the body.

Meditation Cave and Light Refreshments

If you are seeking a moment of solitude, then our package – Men’s Deluxe – is the right option for you. Our Meditation Cave has left a mark in Utah for being a destination with complete privacy and utter serenity. Here, you can listen to your favorite music or relax. If you are looking for a perfect environment to work, then our meditation cave will allow you to work in peace for a few hours. After that therapeutic massage, a light refreshment is what you will need to fulfil your dietary needs. Our special package for men is just the right massage combo for you.

Matrix Spa & Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Massage Therapy FAQ’s

The law always requires that you be appropriately covered with sheets or towels to keep you comfortable and warm. If you start feeling uncomfortable or exposed, speak up. Your therapist will respect your wishes and work with you to make the massage session a comfortable one.
No, only undress as much as you are comfortable with. Some people prefer undressing completely, while others prefer to keep undergarments on. You'll have privacy in your massage room to undress before the session and redress afterwards.
It depends on your massage therapy goals. Some people get a monthly massage to manage stress or to prevent health problems. Others opt for weekly sessions if they need relief from injuries and chronic tension.
Licensing and certification mean that the massage therapist can legally practice massage in your city or state. To get this license, they must have performed several hours of training at an accredited school, past the extensive licensure exam, and have paid any relevant licensing fees.
Every insurance plan works a little differently, so your best bet is to contact your insurer directly. Some plans do cover alternative therapies including chiropractic and massage. You will likely need a doctor's prescription first. If you don't have health insurance, or if it doesn't cover massage therapy, you can find massage therapy coupons and discounts on our site.
How much depends on how pleased you are with the service and how much the massage costs (the full price, not any discounted fees). One easy trick is to think about how you would tip a waiter after a similarly priced restaurant meal. This is often 15-20% or more if you received exceptional service.
Let your massage therapist know before the session if there are areas on your body that you don't want to be touched. They will have the training and experience to give you a therapeutic massage while working around ticklish or sensitive places like your feet or abdomen.
Yes, absolutely. You should always speak up if something is uncomfortable. Secondly, keep the lines of communication open during deep tissue massage or sports injury massages. Your therapist needs the feedback to work on you properly and without aggravating an injury. On the other hand, if you are looking for relaxation, it's often best not to talk unless necessary. This lets your mind as well as your body release tension. With the right mindful breathing technique, you may even achieve a stress relieving meditative state during the massage.
Most likely, unless your doctor says otherwise. Prenatal massage can reduce and relieve common pregnancy issues like lower and upper back pain, sciatic nerve irritation, swelling, tension headaches, heartburn and constipation, and more. Let your massage therapist know that you're pregnant so they can use the right techniques during the session.

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