Matrix Spa & Massage is Offering a Fantastic Deal on Their Hot Stone Massage Special

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Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) December 21, 2013

Hot Stone Massage is a unique and highly effective form of massage that uses marble stones that are heated using warm water. These stones are placed on the client in strategic places in order to soothe muscles and get the heat deeper into said muscles. This adds to the benefit of the massage by allowing the therapist to really work the muscles for added relief.

The massage portion is similar to that of a normal massage. The therapist will often conduct Swedish or deep tissue massages while the rocks are in place. Occasionally, the therapist will use the rocks to massage in order to treat a particularly tight muscle. This allows them to directly inject heat into the muscle they are currently massaging.

Matrix Spa & Massage is offering an outstanding deal on their highly touted Hot Stone Massage special. This special includes a 90-minute Hot Stone Massage, a 30-minute Express Facial, Aromatherapy, and a Steam Room Session. Separately, these services would run upwards of $240. In a package this special is normally priced at $215. Right now, Matrix is offering this special at the incredibly low price of $145.

This is a deal that is simply unmatched and should be taken advantage of. As summer comes to an end and the kids go back to school, why not take a little time out for one’s self and unwind from the stresses associated with summer. Whether it’s having kids at home instead of in school, the summer vacation, or a multitude of other things, summer is stressful and everybody should have the chance to truly unwind and de-stress.


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Julieta Hernandez

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