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Benefits of Massage for New Moms

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Massage Benefits for New Moms

The nine months of a curious mix of pampering and pains have finally yielded the fruit that goes beyond your expectations. But the pampering does not end there. New moms should treat themselves to generous doses of caring massage that does not just nourish their bodies but replenishes their souls and gives them their well-deserved relaxing breaks. Their arduous days thanks to taking care of a new-born and being bombarded with the stress of too much advice, deserves massage breaks.

Whether it is the first pregnancy or the fourth, the body goes through the same wide range of physiological, hormonal and emotional changes. Most women take massages when pregnant to nourish their bodies and provide the best for their yet-to-be-born. But they often forget about themselves right after their child is born and become too involved in the lives of their young one. While paying attention to the new-born is of utmost importance, the next most important thing to do is care for themselves – the new mom. Even if the new mom was not able to take advantage of a pre-natal massage, it is important to take advantage of the post-natal or postpartum massage due to the following reasons.

Alone Time

New moms don’t have any time for themselves, even for a short shower or a proper nap, so the relaxing massage will be the perfect opportunity for new moms to take care of themselves. This will not just be a physical break, but also an emotional one, that will allow new moms to spend time with themselves and take stock of their lives and organize themselves better.

Relief from Aches and Pains

Massage helps relieve various muscular aches and pains that accumulate due to lack of physical exercise and repeated need to support the young one. It also helps remove any meabolic wastes and medications still in the system. It can help relieve the body of uncomfortable constipation. The regular aches of new moms like those of the upperbody from breast feeding, lower back from rocking the child or sitting too long, or leg aches from moving around with child, bending and lifting, can be cured with massage. Massage helps release endorphins, which are natural pain killers secreted by the brain.

Massage for Moms

Prepare the Body

Regular massages for new moms will prepare the body for the upcoming stresses of when the child grows up and starts moving around. It also helps bring the body back to the pre-pregnancy state. The kneading and stroking actions help tone and tighten the stretched areas of the tummy. It also lightens stretch marks with the use of almond-based oils and lotions.


Quite often many new moms experience a curious phenomenon of frustration, depression combined with tiredness. All this is due to a hormonal imbalance and is perfectly natural. Massage helps relieve the mind of its stress. It helps cope with postpartum depression and also helps new moms engage in an activity where the mom is at the forefront.

What is great about massages for new moms is that it can happen within the comforts of the mom’s home. Many massage places also offer day care facilities for young children or make provisions for the child to stay with the mother till the mother is comfortable leaving him or her with someone else.

Massages are not just for those people who are under stress because of work or arduous physical activities, they are also for moms who are dealing with the huge responsibility of a new-born’s life and have themselves undergone a tough time physically. So, go ahead and pamper yourself with a massage, today.

How our Massage Packages can Help Prevent the Symptoms of a Hangover

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In grade school, St. Patrick’s Day is all about what you are wearing. We all know that if you show up to school without any green on, you run the risk of getting pinched. Beyond that slightly odd tradition, this holiday conjures up images of leprechauns chasing after pots of gold and people hoping for a bit of the “Luck o’ the Irish.” For the adults celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, there may be some drinks involved as they spend the evening with friends. Before you go out and party, consider getting a massage to reduce the severity of a hangover.

Here are four ways a massage can help you prep your body for a night celebrating all things Irish.

1. Rub Away the Tension

A hangover can leave your body tense. This tension leads to aches and general discomfort. A good massage can relax your muscles and soothe that tension away. This, in turn, leaves you better equipped to go on with your day.

2. Soothe Your Scalp

Another common side effect of having too much to drink, on St. Patrick’s Day or on any other day of the year, is a painful headache. Headaches are often caused by putting unnecessary strain on your neck muscles by having poor posture. Addressing this issue before having a couple green beers, can reduce the severity of hang over headaches. There are few things that feel better than a good scalp massage, especially when you’re dealing with a headache. A therapist’s fingers massaging your forehead, scalp, and neck can make a huge difference in how you feel.

3. Boost Your Immunity

Did you know that massage has actually been shown to boost your body’s immunity to illness? Before your hangover starts, give your immune system a boost. This is especially beneficial since drinking too much alcohol can leave your immune system weakened. If you’re already feeling crummy after your holiday celebrations, the last thing you need is to catch that bug that’s going around the office. Do yourself a favor and protect your body against disease by getting a massage beforehand.

4. Calm an Upset Stomach

Finally, consider some light massage on your stomach area if you’re experiencing discomfort in that area. Abdominal massage can help improve digestion, improve the blood supply to organs in this area, and stimulate the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas to allow the release of waste products. If you have a habit of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a bit too much gusto, a massage is a great way to prep your body in order to get back in top shape as fast as possible. Massage can relieve muscle tension, soothe an aching head, boost your immunity, and calm your stomach. Of course, the best way to avoid that hangover is to simply not to drink too much in the first place. Should you choose to drink, please do so responsibly.